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        2. Improve core competitiveness
          Build up the system of technology, quality and EHS

          Apeloa has various R&D facilities in the cities of Hengdian, Hangzhou, Shanghai and Chengdu, mainly focused in the innovation of chemical synthesis, biotechnology and pharmaceutical engineering. The research institute has been equipped with state-of-art instruments such as NMR, LC-MS, ICP-MS, etc. Currently, there are over 400 scientists in the institute including a group of the high level research professionals with western education background and working experience in multi-national pharmaceutical companies. We are committed and endeavor to the development of novel therapeutic medicines, specifically in the field of cardiovascular, infectious disease and oncology, to improve people’s living quality.

          API Technology Center, Engineering Technology Center, CDMO R&D Center and Yosemade Medicine Research Institute carry out scientific research activities for the three business divisions at Apeloa individually and they are the major driving force for Apeloa to reach its business achievement.

          Apeloa has built strong external collaboration with academies, biotech, and other research institutions. The Academician Station and Post-doctoral Station in Apeloa attract the top talents throughout the world and makes Apeloa as an outstanding platform for innovation

          Research and Development System

          The Yosemade Medicine Research Institute serves as the research and development center of Apeloa. Yosemade can be divided into three major branches. The main institute located the Hangzhou Biopharma Town focuses on formulation study and clinical research. The Hengdian branch concentrates on the research of API while the Chendu branch centers on special formulations. Yosemade has over 10,000 m2 of facilities in total.

          At Yosemade, we strive for our vision – Innovation makes life happier. We make the needs of patients the top priority and provide advanced clinical products and services. We build our core competitiveness on research and development and the culture of Learning, Innovation, Cooperation, and Effectiveness.

          Currently there are over 30 active projects at Yosemade, covering the medications of oncology, infectious disease, and cardiology. The research at Yosemade is always driven by independent innovations, which is aligned with Apeloa’s main strategy of “expert in API, excellent in formulation, and strong in CDMO”.

          Apeloa aims to build an R&D system of both generic and patent drugs, to form a complete system of pharmaceutical study, pre-clinical study, and registration. In addition, efficient platforms are established for patent drugs, high value generics, and traditional Chinese prescriptions.

          The Win-win Cooperation

          Adhering to the principle of Win-win Cooperation and Complementary advantages, Yosemade constantly expands the field of cooperation to promote the empowerment of our R&D.

          We have domestic partners from more than 10 organizations including Peking University, Tianjin Institute of Pharmaceutical Research, China Pharmaceutical University, Shanghai Institute of Medicine, Zhejiang University, China State Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry, Chengdu Branch of Chinese Academy of Science, and West China Hospital of Sichuan University.

          Over the world, Yosemade carries out international cooperation and study on drug screening, drug developing, and formulation study with Amkor, GNT, Tulex, and Elite. Meanwhile, the institute is actively expanding business relationship with academic and industrial partners, which would benefit to our development.

          The R&D Team

          We have over 80 scientists currently working at Yosemade, and over 60% are highly educated with Master, PhD, or senior technician titles. The core R&D team includes one Zhejiang 1000 Award winner and 6 PhDs. Four of them have western education background. With the new strategy at Apeloa, the institute would expand the talent team of R&D to around 150 to strengthen the foundation of achieving strategic targets.

          Research Highlights

          The Yosemade Institute has carried out many major national and provincial R&D projects. The clinical phase II/III study of NCE innovative drug Salfaprodil injection for the treatment of acute ischemic stroke was granted by the National Major New Drugs Innovation and Development Program. This project will receive funds of 8.63 million RMB subsided by the National Government.

          Salfaprodil is a category 1.1 new drug under development with a novel small molecule chemical entity. Salfaprodil provides a globally initiative dual-protection mechanism of the cranial nerves and neurons. The pre-clinical and phase I study has proven Salfaprodil injection is a relatively safe treatment for the acute ischemic stroke. This project is currently under clinical phase II study.

          A large number of new drug projects are under development at Yosemade Institute. Two projects involving oncology and infectious disease are to be filed for clinical study shortly. At the same time, more than 20 projects are undergoing the therapeutic equivalence assessment in compliance with the latest national regulation requirements. Some of the products have completed the bioequivalence study (BE) or pre-BE.
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